How to reduce growth of hair on body

How to reduce growth of hair on body

In ancient centuries the increased ""hairiness"" on women was honored and respected as they were considered "brought closer to God"". Whether it is violation of hormonal background or norm, only the doctor will be able to answer. But if you are so disturbed by this problem, there are several ways to fight against it.

It is required to you

  • - mint,
  • - contraceptives,
  • - hormonal medicines.


1. Most often dark body hair appear at brunettes. But in it there is nothing unusual is just feature of organism. Most of east women suffer from such misfortune: some carefully hide hair, others try to get rid of them. If you have noticed that hair began to grow unusually quickly, and their structure has changed - they became thickness and are longer, then takes place to be violation of hormonal background. In this case only the doctor will be able to help. At women such problem can arise with approach of menopause. During this period the doctor can recommend replacement hormonal therapy. It is necessary for alignment of ratio between estrogen and testosterone. One more reason of unexpected growth of hair - diets. On diet the organism of the woman begins to suppress work of ovaries therefore there is emission of men's hormone of testosterone which promotes strengthening of growth of hair on body.

2. Doctors recommend to drink contraceptive to themselves, it can be made only worse. The doctor has to prescribe medicine, having examined you and having taken necessary analyses.

3. It is possible to try to use cosmetics which reduce growth of hair on body. They need to be put after shaving or epilation. At first growth of hair decreases, they become thinner and become less noticeable. After several procedures growth of hair stops for some time, usually of half a year about one year. Further the procedure should be repeated.

4. And at last, national grandmother's recipe. Mint tea reduces testosterone level in blood. It is possible to add as fresh branches of mint, and to make a little dry grass from bag. It is necessary to drink it 2-3 times a day on cup if it is pleasant, is possible more. The truth and mint has contraindications. People with lowered to arterial pressure are not recommended to have mint tea. Also mint promotes varicosity as it reduces tone of venous vessels.

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