How to reduce hands

How to reduce hands

What woman does not want to have graceful hands? If you are not sure of their beauty, do not despair. Too full and big upper extremities, large palm and ugly nails – all this can be modified. It is possible to reduce hands both visually, and it is real. With it you will be helped by physical exercises, clothes and some other cunnings.

It is required to you

  • Dumbbells and charging in the mornings
  • Suitable clothes
  • Rings and bracelets
  • Manicure


  1. Make full hands more beautiful by means of special gymnastics. You are not lazy every day to be wrung out or do exercises with dumbbells is great way to get rid of excess fat. For example, do exercises for hands (till 10-15 times) in such sequence: • Occupations for beautiful shoulders. Get up directly and pick up dumbbells. The breath, on hand exhalation top and in the party.· will not prevent to strengthen bicepses for beautiful sports hands. Bend knees, inhale. On exhalation bend hands, dumbbells – to shoulders. Bicepses are strained. Slowly lower hand.· get up directly, lower hands with dumbbells. Raise straight arms forward to shoulder height. Bend down with slightly bent knees, lower hands. Then them in the parties and top. These are good exercises for all muscles of hands.
  2. Pick up the clothes allowing to reduce visually big hand.· you do not carry the fitting sleeves on full hands, but also too volume you will not be suited. The sleeve on elastic band (small lamp) will suit you only in case it comes to an end on palm. Short shot sleeves (especially wings) will emphasize completeness of hands.· the fine choice for big hands – women's shirt or blouse in the form of men's shirt (sleeve – free). • The good choice – sleeve on ¾ hands (the wrist remains open). Also choose flare. The fabric – streaming is better monophonic or with the small drawing.· decorate yourself with graceful capes, scarfs and poncho.· the cowl neck which is combined with short sleeve – not for you. Any models with massive shoulders and raglans!
  3. Modify shortcomings of big hand by means of manicure.· if your palms do not differ in grace, do not go into extremes. Sharp or square nails will make hand even more roughly. • Accurately and smoothly round off each nail.· that thick fingers seemed longer, it is possible to choose natural color of nail or the French manicure with white tip.· carry out strip of dark varnish (on each side do not paint nail!) – it will visually extend thick finger and wide nail.
  4. Put the finishing touch – decorate hand with bracelet and rings. If it is correct to pick up their form, it is possible to reduce visually palm and fingers.· massive rings on big hand will distract attention from palm, and it will seem less. Thick fingers can be made more graceful by means of ringlets of vertical design and triangular. • For wide wrists it is better to select large bracelets. They will undertake blow, without allowing to look narrowly at the hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team