How to reduce pain at epilation

How to reduce pain at epilation

Epilation - quite disease process. There is number of the effective receptions helping to lower pain which appears in the course of implementation of this procedure.

It is required to you

  • wax strips or the electroepilator, clean towel anesthetizing cream, ice pieces


1. You carry out the procedure of epilation in certain days of cycle. The pain threshold at women becomes higher after 10 days after the termination of periods. In the second half of cycle you will postpone procedure much worse. It is not recommended to carry out epilation during periods.

2. In 30 minutes prior to epilation take hot bath. Skin steaming considerably facilitates removal of undesirable hair. If you carry out the procedure in salon, can take an interest, whether perhaps steaming of separate parts of body directly in cosmetology office.

3. Before removal of hair wipe skin with the cube of ice or towel moistened in cold water. Do not use this reception for bikini wax. In this case cooling can provoke serious inflammatory diseases.

4. Whenever possible use the special anesthetizing creams for skin processing. Such means, as a rule, contain lidocaine. It is possible to get them in drugstore. Modern beauty shops use this method of anesthesia if the client complains of low pain threshold.

5. Shortly before epilation process leather of legs srub. Peeling of the died-off parts of skin around hair follicles will facilitate extraction of hair that will make this process less painful. Use the moisturizing cosmetics. Softening of skin also promotes simplification of removal of undesirable hair.

6. In 15 minutes prior to epilation take anesthetic medicine if in the course of removal of hair you feel very severe pain. You should not apply analginum to these purposes. Contrary to popular belief, coffee and alcohol will not help to lower pain. Consumption of these drinks can enhance sensitivity of skin only.

7. If you have hesitated to take the anesthetizing medicine before the procedure, drink glass of alkaline mineral water. Lowering of the general acidity of organism leads to lowering of sensitivity of skin.

8. Being going to do epilation in salon, elect only the qualified master. Competent experts know what wax to choose as it is correct to apply it to skin how to make removal of hair. Degree of painlessness of the procedure depends on their skill.

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