How to reduce skin

How to reduce skin

Often happens so that skin gets out of shape and elasticity. Especially often it occurs after you have reduced excess weight. You should not pay attention to opinion of those who will tell you that it was necessary to watch skin even in the course of weight loss. Even having faced problem of excess skin face to face, it is possible to take measures for its reduction, to return to skin tone.

It is required to you

  • Seaweed for wrapping, srub, essential oils, sea salt.


1. Most often surplus of skin is formed in the lower part of stomach, not only people after weight loss, but also women after the delivery face this problem. On stomach skin has smaller elasticity, than on other parts of the body, so, and it is more difficult to recover its tone. The most effective remedy in given cases are physical activities, no cosmetic procedures will replace them. The fact is that at reduction your muscles literally "push" blood to your skin, so, it is enriched with all nutrients and collagen directly from within. Besides, power loadings accelerate metabolism, therefore, and your skin will be recovered quicker.

2. Cosmetologists offer today set of ways to tighten skin, however, many of them cost very much. It is not obligatory to be the rich person to put the skin in order. There are also economic ways available to application in house conditions, for example, algal wrappings. They deliver collagen thanks to which it is gradually reduced in your skin, gaining elasticity. It is very good if you combine wrappings with bathtubs with addition of sea salt. For lifting of skin the bathtub has to be quite nourished, on one standard house bathtub it is recommended to take about a kilogram of sea salt.

3. If you after all decide to address saloon procedures, it is better to choose manual or vacuum massage. Not only that by means of massage the mechanical impact on the upper layers of the skin is made, it also is capable to improve considerably blood-groove, thanks to it skin actively regenerates from within, finding tone. It is possible to study literature on self-massage, then you and in house conditions will be able independently to work on problem zones.

4. As supportive application at fight against excess skin it is possible to use various srubs. It is good to combine them with aromatherapy. Essential oils not only make salutary impact on condition of skin, but also are capable to increase to you mood. In any business the positive spirit is important. The main thing is to carry out procedures regularly, then everything will turn out.

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