How to reduce skin oiliness

How to reduce skin oiliness

You will not envy owners of oily skin: the greasy luster, enlarged pores, eels and other defects give a lot of inconvenience. Of course, it will not be possible to solve problem for few days, but here regular clarification, masks and the balanced food will help to put face in order.


1. To reduce skin oiliness, it is necessary to pay attention to diet first of all. Nutritionists advise to use as little as possible greasy food, fried dishes, salty and smoked products and also sweets and carbonated drinks. Reduce amount of animal fats, try to replace them with low-fat fowl, fish, offal.

2. Dairy products it is better to use fat-free. And here vegetable fats make on skin favorable impact, especially what is contained acid omega-3 (linseed and cedar oil). Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, include in diet bean, eggs, dried fruits. Sweets, rich pastries, chocolate use in strictly limited quantity.

3. Do not forget also about cosmetic oily skin care. Wash twice a day cool water as hot stimulates work of sebaceous glands. If the greasy luster appears soon after washing, increase the number of procedures up to 5-6. At the same time means for washing is not obligatory to use every time. Try to avoid use of the lotions and tonics containing alcohol. Instead it is possible to use folk remedies which will save you from greasy luster.

4. As such means the lemon quite will approach. It perfectly copes with excess secretion of sebaceous glands. For this purpose squeeze out several drops of juice on cotton tampon and wipe with it problem sites. The lemon not only will help to get rid of surplus of fat, but also promotes the fastest cell renewal.

5. For fight against skin oiliness it is possible to use vinegar. It narrows pores, interferes, to hit in them of dust and dirt provoking formation of eels. Moisten cotton tampon in vinegar, wipe face and in 10-15 minutes wash cool water. At sensitive skin vinegar can be diluted with water in equal proportions.

6. Perfectly the mask from white clay copes with skin oiliness. For this purpose take 1 tablespoon of clay, half of tablespoon of juice of lemon and as much honey, well mix and apply to skin. Leave mask for 15-20 minutes, then wash cool water. Such mask possesses not only the cleaning effect, but also well dries skin.

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