How to reduce stones standing

How to reduce stones standing

Stones standing – in a literal sense sore point of many. It is what forces to suffer from pain even in the most qualitative and comfortable footwear. What does not allow to maintain long foot walks. What does acquisition of stylish and fashionable footwear senseless as will go in it continuous torture, it not only the cause of pain, but also cosmetic defect which women after thirty face mainly.

It is required to you

  • The surgeon-orthopedist, manual proofreaders, iodine, broth of herbs, minutes fifteen time, it is desirable in the evening.


  1. Define the cause of stones standing. It is possible to distinguish from risk factors availability of excessive weight, violation vodno – salt balance in organism, hormonal imbalance, the hereditary or acquired flat-footedness.
  2. Very first, radical, recommended by orthopedic surgeons, - surgery. Operation is not so difficult, in several days the patient will already be standing, the only condition – during the rehabilitation period lasting 4-5 weeks to wear the most plain and comfortable shoes without heel. Pay attention – even the simplest operation can entail the most serious consequences.
  3. Way second, conservative – as preventive and medical measure – it is constant to carry manual proofreaders, insoles – the instep supports and other orthopedic devices keeping the natural provision of foot during loading. The inconvenience is that all this should use constantly.
  4. The third way – local use of medicines. Effective way if about the procedure not to forget and carry out regularly within two months. To properly steam out legs in broth of the herbs containing essential oils – plantain, sage, mint. Then it is necessary to walk and pomassazhirovat dry. Directly to apply iodide grid on stone with Q-tip.

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