How to refuse to itself food

How to refuse to itself food

Very often people want to limit consumption of food or at all to refuse to themselves food. It is important to understand what stands behind this desire. If you want to make the food healthy and to put the organism in order, then knowledge of some principles considerably will facilitate this process.


  1. Do not refuse food. It is important especially in the mornings. Breakfast – morning needs of nature of organism. It is not obligatory to cultivate since morning the will power at all and to refuse to itself necessary nutrients. Another thing is that the breakfast has to be useful and satisfy feeling of hunger for long time. Before breakfast, minutes for 15-30, accustom themselves to drink glass of water for ensuring healthy digestion.
  2. Learn to make breakfasts. As required - on the weekend or in free evenings - master recipes of easy and rich dishes which could be used for breakfast. Porridges were always considered as very useful. Tasty porridges are useful doubly. It is possible to make the various omelets and dishes containing fresh cottage cheese or cheese. However you remember that the portion should not be too large.
  3. Use more nuts and use in food only not refined natural oils. The fats which are contained in these products promote suppression of appetite and weight reduction, and not vice versa. Olive oil is especially useful. It is absolutely easy to use it on 1-2 tablespoons a day and to add handful of the wiped fresh nuts to any salad. Nuts salad accept at one time food, for example, easy dinner. And here high-calorific mayonnaise should be excluded from the diet absolutely.
  4. At emergence of feeling of hunger, do not suppress it. But also you do not hurry to hammer requirement of organism with semi-finished products of doubtful quality and sandwiches. Drink glass of water, facilitating this feeling. Think that you would like to eat and as far as you need it and it is useful. Give preference to the fruit, juice, nuts light for vegetable salads.
  5. Focus only on meal. Never eat in front of the TV and be not engaged in another matters at meal time. Scientists have proved that in such cases the volume of the eaten food increases. Carefully chew it that will provide the maximum saturation of organism at the use of small portion of food.
  6. Use the useful information found by scientists. For example, if you have frozen and have decided to have dinner, then at first be warmed. It appears, in frigid climate the organism needs more nutrients on maintenance of the vital processes therefore in the northern countries the people eat more, than in the countries with hot climate. Use ware of smaller diameter. Simply speaking, change of plates with saucers influences subconsciousness and serving size that as appropriate affects appetite. The same concerns water and drinks. Drink from high glasses. Remove cookies, candies and other temptations from field of vision. At the use accept them at one time food or arrange to yourself one sweet day a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team