How to rejuvenate neck

How to rejuvenate neck

Carefully looking after face and hands, women often forget about zone of decollete and neck. And it is vain, the neck grows old very quickly, process of withering begins since 25. The skin on it very thin and gentle - layer of fat which holds moisture in fabrics is almost absent, and therefore skin in neck is almost also vulnerable, as in the field of century. For lack of due leaving it quickly stretches, wrinkles and ugly folds are formed, there can be the second chin. To return to neck former elasticity and beauty, do not forget about the necessary cosmetic procedures directed to its maintenance in tone, the general rejuvenation of problem zone and reduction of wrinkles.

It is required to you

  • - cream (sour cream), salt;
  • - yolk, teaspoon of linseed oil, glycerin and honey, two grated potatoes;
  • - protein, one grated cucumber or apple, tea it is false castor or linseed oil;
  • - yolk, vitamin E, linseed oil.


1. Rinse neck with cool water in the morning or moisturize the skin by means of ice cube.

2. Before going to bed do massage of neck – easy strokings from below up will improve blood circulation and metabolism. The back of hand pat carefully on chin from below. Do not stretch skin, movements have to be accurate.

3. You sleep only on low pillows or orthopedic rollers. The dream on high pillow is pernicious for neck – the blood-groove is broken, supply of oxygen to fabrics stops, wrinkles and folds become deeper.

4. Use night nutritious cream with the supporting effect. You put means with the easy stroking movements from below up. Means on the basis of plant extracts will be suitable for girls. Ladies 30+ should stop the choice on quality bio cosmetics of animal origin.

5. In warm season twice a day moisten neck by means of thermal water, use creams only water-based in the winter.

6. Once a week do peeling of neck by means of special cosmetic or folk remedies. House recipe of gentle peeling: - add to cream (in sour cream) salt teaspoon; - accurate movements pound neck the turned-out weight; - wash away warm water, apply nutritious cream on neck.

7. Three times a week do masks for neck: - apply means on neck and zone of decollete, previously having warmed skin light massage; - in 15-20 minutes wash away mask warm water; - wrap neck the towel moistened in cold water for 3 minutes. Alternate nutritious and moisturizing masks. Nutritious mask: yolk, teaspoon of linseed oil, glycerin and honey, two grated potatoes. Moisturizing mask: protein, one grated cucumber or apple, tea it is false castor or linseed oil.

8. Once a week do wrappings of neck: - add yolk, vitamin E teaspoon (oil, is on sale in drugstore), to any quality nutritious cream teaspoon of linseed or castor oil, carefully mix; - apply the turned-out weight on the neck which is previously warmed by massage; - wrap neck food wrap, and atop – warm, it is desirable woolen, scarf; - in 20 minutes wash away means warm water and for 3 minutes wrap neck the towel moistened in cold water (to narrow pores); - apply water-based soft cream on neck.

9. Regularly, several times a day, do gymnastics for neck: - "pull in" the head in shoulders, stand for 20 seconds, extend neck as it is possible stronger; - nod: "yes", "no"; - nod to the left, to the right; - twist the head on and against hour hand.

10. You do not wear too tight polo-necks and heavy jewelry, they break blood-groove in neck and injure gentle skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team