How to remain beautiful and young

How to remain beautiful and young

each woman wants to look beautiful. Daily personal care is hard work which bears fruit over time. From early age it is necessary to begin to look after himself to keep beauty and youth for many years.


  1. First of all, begin to watch over the health. Begin to play sports. Easy daily jog will bring your muscles into tone and also will perfectly affect health. Eat properly. Give preferences of healthy and healthy food. Before going to bed it is useful to drink half-glass of red wine, but you should not abuse alcohol. Be adjusted on positive wave. It is known that good mood – the key to success and great health.
  2. Carefully look after the skin. It is your business card. Face skin care is necessary daily. In the morning and use the moisturizing cream in warm season and nutritious in the evening – in cold. Wash cold water. Also before going to bed surely wash away cosmetics. Several times a week do face packs of natural products. Manicuring is also necessary as hands give true age of the woman. If you have too dry skin, then use hand cream every time after washing. Surely you apply cream before going to bed.
  3. Too it is necessary to look after hair carefully as they are one of the most important elements of female beauty. Do not dye the hair, protect the natural color better. Once a week do masks for hair which will help you to keep health and beauty of your curls. Comb hair before every time before going to bed and before washing. Use hair conditioner. You do not smoke, it harmful affects health and beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team