How to remain in shape in the flying

How to remain in shape in the flying

anticipation of flying of the woman dream to stand out the slim figure on the beach. Therefore several months prior to hot season of the woman begin to resort to various diets and physical activities to normalize the body and to achieve desirable result. When the result is achieved, it needs to be supported to remain in shape all summer and to look for all hundred percent.

That in the flying to support body in shape, it is necessary to conform to three rules:

  1. Use a lot of greens, vegetables and fruit. All these products are source of health without which you will not be able to look attractively. In human body processes of replenishment of vitamins and exhaustion of their stocks very slow. Because of lack of some vitamin or microelement the condition of skin can suffer, the fragility of hair and nails will appear. And to correct situation, the long time is required. Regular consumption in food of fresh fruit, vegetables and greens not only will enrich your organism with all necessary vitamins, but also will help to support figure and weight normal.
  2. Pass to healthy nutrition which has to be balanced. For this purpose it is necessary to include more grain crops in the diet (rice, buckwheat wheat and millet cereal) and more sources of protein (fish, meat, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs). The similar diet will favorably affect your figure, helping to maintain the achieved result long time.
  3. It is necessary to drink more liquid. Many forget about it though this main condition to be in good shape. On the first place water, and then compotes, natural fruit drinks and dairy products has to be. It is necessary to exclude sweet drinks, black tea and coffee. Teas on herbs and it is possible to have green tea, but without addition of sugar. This method is contraindicated to people with sore kidneys and diseases of urinogenital system.
  4. Do not forget about physical activities which have to be at least two times a week. If there is no time to go to the gym or laziness to be engaged independently at home, then it is possible to be engaged in run in the mornings or to evenings or to give preference to swimming. Swimming involves all groups of muscles in distinguishes from run. Periodic loadings will not only support body in the necessary form, but also to do it even more beautiful and harmonious.

If you follow this simple advice, then will be able to support without effort the body in shape long time. You will be owner not only beautiful figure, but also good health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team