How to remove asterisks standing

How to remove asterisks standing

asterisks standing is result of expansion of intracutaneous vessels. Most often women face such phenomenon. The hypodermic vein delivering blood to small vessel because of increase in pressure extends. And this pressure is transferred to capillary, kind of holding apart it from within. As a result on skin the red asterisk is formed.


  1. Consider that asterisks standing do not respond to treatment. Whatever national recipes you tested on the legs, trying to get rid of unpleasant look, you will be able to improve nothing situation. The problem is that these vessels have already ceased to function normally. Also disturb blood-groove. Therefore way to correct defect only one – removal.
  2. Pay attention to sclerotherapy. Today it is the most effective way of removal of vascular asterisks. To make this procedure, address the phlebologist. Only after consultation with it it is possible to learn whether this method will be suitable for you. At sclerotherapy there is removal of faulty vessels by means of special medicine. It is entered into vessel thin needle, and there is pasting of cages. The vessel kind of collapses. Then for several days the patient wears compression stocking which continues to hold vessels in the stuck together state. The course of treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks. During this time hold several sessions. Already educated asterisks subject to the same processing. The technique is almost painless and yields positive and fast result.
  3. You can try to use laser coagulation. But you remember that the laser, as a rule, corrects only defect of vessels, but often cannot remove asterisk. Besides, the method has significant amount of contraindications. Therefore before consult to the phlebologist. If the laser is shown you, then consider that in two weeks prior to the procedure you cannot sunbathe. The procedure is painless. The patient can feel easy pricking.
  4. standing by means of thermocoagulation. This impact on the struck capillaries current of high frequencies. The procedure is quite effective and painless. During its carrying out, blood from capillary goes from edge of capillary to hypodermic vein back. The fabrics surrounding vessel at the same time are not damaged. Within two days the reddening of skin in the place of application of current is possible.

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