How to remove bags under eyes folk remedies

How to remove bags under eyes folk remedies

Sometimes, having looked in the morning in mirror, it is possible to come to condition of horror, without having recognized itself. Eyes with dark unpleasant swellings under them change face to unrecognizability, obviously without adding confidence and mood the forthcoming day. The reasons of bags under eyes can be much - large amount of liquid or alcohol, drunk in the evening, fatigue and sleep debt, age and some diseases. For those whom bags accompanied not all life and have appeared for the obvious reasons from the outside there are several ways of fight against them.


1. Cool skin Use one of the most effective methods of pocket-eyed fight - cool skin. Use ice cubes by means of which within several minutes slightly mass skin around eyes. For the best result instead of usual water fill in in molds for ice broths of herbs, for example, of sage.

2. Use parsley These greens perfectly refresh skin, dispersing under it liquid. Small cut parsley, about one tablespoon are required. Fill in with glass of abrupt boiled water and let's infuse 20 minutes. Cool a little. Make warm lotion for 10-15 minutes and your appearance to you again will please. With parsley it is possible to make also similarity of mask. Cut parsley (1 tsp) and mix with 1 tsp of sour cream. Apply mix on eyelids for 10 minutes.

3. Use potatoes It is possible just to cut off several plates from crude potatoes and to put them for 20 minutes. Will be to grate it more effectively, to turn in gauze and to put to centuries. One more option of mask with potatoes is to mix it from 2 tsps of flour and 2 tsps of milk. To use mask within 10-15 minutes.

4. Rub cucumber, crude potatoes and chop parsley This mix turn in gauze and apply to centuries. The triple blow will not be born by neither bags under eyes, nor dark circles.

5. Make compress of sage for this purpose fill in 1 tsp of sage with half of glass of boiled water, leave for 10 minutes in the closed container, then filter. Cast half and put in the fridge for 5 minutes, support other half in warm state. Lay down and apply compress with warm infusion for 10 minutes. Remove and at once apply compress with cold for the same time. The best effect will be reached at several changes of warm and cold compress.

6. Have a rest Perhaps, your rhythm of life is a little hasty, and the organism thus shows you need for respite. Track that the dream made not less than 8 hours, exclude alcohol at least for some time, reduce amount of the consumed salt. Most likely, after such changes in way of life your body will thank you not only the disappeared bags, but also healthy complexion and excellent mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team