How to remove bags under eyes: important recommendations and effective folk remedies

How to remove bags under eyes: important recommendations and effective folk remedies

Sometimes, despite all efforts, under eyes bags are formed. As a rule, they indicate some problems in human body.

Bags under eyes can be formed both at the woman, and at the man and there is a lot of reasons. First of all, sleep debt: work and family take away a lot of time and forces and on their good dream does not remain. Among other reasons it is possible to note: stress, allergic reactions, excessive hobby for alcohol, smoking, infectious diseases, age, water use before going to bed and others. How to fight against these formations under eyes?

That bags under eyes were not formed, it is necessary to meet certain conditions and to carry out number of preventive actions.

First of all do not use large amount of water before going to bed.

Regularly in the morning and air the room of the house or the apartment in the evening – fresh air will favorably affect tone of your skin.

You show consideration for the use of drugs and other medicines. In case of allergic reactions ask for the help the expert.

Refuse addictions.

Use only quality face make-up.

Before going to bed make foot walks.

Food which you eat during the day has to be balanced and contain necessary vitamins for organism. Bags under eyes can be formed also from lack of vitamin of group B.

Besides preventive actions it is necessary to do special zaryadkudlya the eyes. Strongly blink, and then widely open eyes. To repeat this exercise daily on 10 times in the morning and in the evening. Also there is such exercise: after strong blinking you close eyes and in several seconds you open. It will allow to be smoothed a little to wrinkles on the face.

Effective folk remedies against bags under eyes

To get rid of already formed bags under eyes, it is necessary to apply special vegetable compresses. For this purpose potatoes or cucumbers cut round timbers, put in the fridge on quarter of hour and put for 10 minutes to the swelled-up eyes.

Among other folk remedies tea bags enjoy special popularity. They are made, cooled and put to problem places for 10-15 minutes daily. And the most effective way is the crushed parsley. Greens of parsley are turned into gruel and put for half an hour to bags under eyes. Through several receptions you will have fresh and vigorous look.

Also at strong turgidities under eyes it is possible to use ice from the fridge. It not only will remove tumor, but also will help with fight against dark circles.

Beat egg white and accurately put for 15 minutes it around eyes. Then wash away.

Also well the coffee mask and mask from honey helps. Honey in general has antiseptic effect and will protect your skin from various reddenings.

Use of various oils will also help with fight against dark circles under eyes. For example, it is possible to use almond or grape oil.

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