How to remove black dots

How to remove black dots

Black dots are most often formed on nose. Many people faced problem of their emergence, and it is even heavier to get rid of them. There are they as a result of excessive activity of sebaceous glands, the black color is got from dust which well accumulates in fat. Do not forget that it is impossible to squeeze out black dots. Regular face skin care can cope with their emergence.


1. Use gels for washing with mark "against black dots". They deeply get into skin and dissolve the accumulated fat.

2. After washing it is necessary to wipe face with tonic. It well narrows pores and cleans them from residues of skin fat.

3. It is necessary to do masks and to use srubs. With their help, the keratosic skin cells under which scales microbes always accumulate are removed.

4. Well blue clay helps. To do mask two times a week.

5. To wipe the steamed-out skin with soda. Then carefully to wash out and smear with problem skin cream.

6. Mechanical face peel in beauty shop will facilitate your fight against black dots. It is possible to make also chemical peeling, but after it often there are burns.

7. Limit consumption sweet, fat and flour. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Accept vitamins and minerals.

8. If you regularly look after skin, but black dots continue to disturb you, then go to hospital. Problem skin – result of hormonal violation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team