How to remove black dots on face

How to remove black dots on face

Black dots on face appear owing to pollution of time surplus of skin fat and dust. This problem mentions not only young people, but also people of more advanced age. Most often black dots are formed about nose, on nose and forehead which can be removed, having addressed to beauty shop or to the dermatologist. But actually it is possible to get rid of these unpleasant points on face in house conditions, following the simplest rules.

It is required to you

  • 1) Dirt of the Dead Sea, srub.
  • 2) Pharmaceutical camomile, laundry soap, face lotion or hydrogen peroxide, ice.
  • 3) Cotton wool, children's soap, soda or small salt, hydrogen peroxide, face pack, the moisturizing cream.
  • 4) Kefir.


1. For cleaning of face pores it is possible to use dirt of the Dead Sea which needs previously to be warmed up on water bath. To take hot shower in order that time has revealed and dry to wipe face. To apply dirt of the Dead Sea to face skin and to leave for 15-20 minutes. After that to wash away cool water and at once to put srub, to massage and wash away slightly. 10 minutes later to apply the moisturizing cream to face skin. To try not to sweat within three hours.

2. In the most effective way of removal of black dots – manual expression which needs to be done to once not thicket in week. But it is necessary to do it quite carefully not to injure skin and to follow some rules. First of all it is necessary to steam out face. To make two tablespoons of camomile in glass of boiled water, to insist within 30 minutes. To add this broth to basin with hot water. To bring the person to basin and to be wrapped up with towel. To steam out face, thus, within 10-15 minutes. After that carefully to wash hands with laundry soap, it is desirable to wipe still with alcohol and to start expression of black dots. To wipe face with the cleaning lotion. The following task is to narrow pores, for this purpose it is possible to use special face packs, and it is possible to wipe skin with usual cube of ice.

3. One more effective way of removal of black dots. To take small piece of cotton wool, to wet and soap it children's soap. Then dip it in baking soda or small salt and careful circular motions to rub couple of minutes on places of education comedone. To leave soap with soda on face 2-3 more minutes, after that carefully to wash away cool water. 10 minutes later to wipe face with hydrogen peroxide. And as usual to put on face mask for narrowing of time according to the instruction. To wash away mask cool water and to apply the moisturizing cream to face skin.

4. The simplest option of mask – kefir. To apply kefir to face skin and to leave for 5-10 minutes. Or just wash kefir twice a day. Kefir contains acids which will help to dissolve skin fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team