How to remove black dots on nose

How to remove black dots on nose

Skin on the T-face zone fatter as sebaceous glands produce more skin fat therefore on nose, chin and forehead there are eels and black dots. To get rid of them in house conditions – it is real.

If on nose there are black dots and streaks, it is necessary to use daily rather large amount of water at the expense of what exchange processes of skin are normalized.

Exclude sleep debt and stressful situations which lead to deterioration in condition of skin and emergence of black dots. Optimum amount of time for dream – 8 hours.

The female body for full-fledged dream needs 8-10 hours.

The balanced food enriches organism with vitamins and useful microelements which presence favorably is reflected in condition of skin and work of internals. It is necessary to include in diet products with the high content of cellulose as they promote natural clarification of organism from harmful toxins. It is recommended to avoid the refined products and semi-finished products. The organism profits much more from natural products and fresh vegetables and fruit. You watch purity of face skin. During the day on skin huge number of microbes, particles of dust, grease allocations which clog up pores accumulates and provoke appearance of pimples and black dots. Before going to bed it is necessary to remove surely the remains of make-up which does not allow skin to breathe.

The cleaning means are necessary for removal of dead cells of epithelium and black dots on nose. It is possible to buy ready cosmetics which contain abrasive substances. Also it is possible to purify skin and to eliminate black dots in house conditions, using rather simple means. The simplest srub of house preparation for purification of leather is mix of sea salt with honey. Dense paste is applied on area of nose on which black dots most often appear then it is washed away by cool water. Such means allows to peel perfectly skin from dead cages, to open time and to improve food. After srub it is recommended to apply any moisturizing cream. It is possible to remove black dots by means of baking soda which needs to be dissolved with water before formation of smetanoobrazny gruel. Such mix massage area of nose 2-3 minutes and wash away water.

It is impossible to hold soda mask more than 5 minutes as it can negatively affect condition of skin.

The oat srub will help to remove black dots. Its preparation will require 1 tsps of porridge, 1 tsp of sea salt and 1 tsp of honey. Ingredients carefully to mix and apply on problem sites of skin. At dry face skin it is possible to add small amount of olive oil to mix. At black dots it is regularly recommended to wipe face with the lemon juice diluted in water. Such means in addition purifies leather from pollution, clarifies pigmental spots. Do not squeeze out black dots at all independently as often it leads to skin inflammation, appearance of pimples, formation of blue hems on skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team