How to remove blue under eyes

How to remove blue under eyes

The sleepless night spent in club and already under eyes has appeared blue. And to someone can "carry" even more. The blue under eyes happens as the hereditary, caused thin skin through which illuminate capillaries, and the investigation of various painful states. To remove blue under eyes, it is necessary to define its reason and to work proceeding from it. But there is also number of the general recommendations allowing to cope with problem.

  • - vitamins;
  • - masks;
  • - ice cubes;
  • - tea bags;
  • - cucumber segments;
  • - proofreader;
  • - concealer;
  • - cream with flickering particles;
  • - skin cream around eyes;
  • - rollers around eyes with caffeine.

1. If business in sleepless night to remove shadows under the eyes, get enough sleep properly in due form. You go to bed no later than ten o'clock in the evening, open window leaf that in the room there was fresh air and also do not drink a lot of water that to bruises hypostases have not increased.

2. Smoking and improper feeding also promote appearance of shadows under the eyes. To eliminate them, get rid of addictions, adjust diet and also "feed up" organism vitamins.

3. Make the special massage promoting elimination of blue under eyes. Press small pillows of forefingers on the bottleneck of nose bridge on both sides. Make it 20 times. Carry out the same manipulations with the points located on temples at the level of eyes. Then press on the points located in the middle of nasolabial fold. After that you pass to the points located one finger below than lip on chin. Then big and index fingers of one hand part in the parties at an angle about 45 degrees, and the same fingers of other hand press 20 times on top of the formed corner, having receded deep into on 1-1.5 cm. If pressings are painful, so you correctly have found point. Then change hands. To receive result, it is important to do such massage daily within week.

4. Make special masks for elimination of shadows under the eyes. It can be ready cosmetics which can be bought in drugstore or usual shop. It is also possible to use folk remedies, for example, the cooled bags from tea, cucumber segments or cubes of ice. Using bags or cucumber segments, lie down, put them on eyes and stay minutes 10 in the weakened state. Wipe with cubes of ice skin under eyes. After such leaving rinse face cold water and apply the moisturizing skin cream around eyes.

5. It is impossible to remove hereditary blue under eyes, unfortunately. In this case the blue under eyes can only be disguised. For this purpose use the proofreader and concealer. At first put the proofreader of the necessary tone. For the choice of the proofreader, take colors opposite to what shade shadows under the eyes have. If shadows under the eyes have bluish shade - the proofreader has to have reddish shade if bruises "give" to violet - the proofreader choose yellowish shade. After the proofreader put concealer. It needs to be selected so that it approached tone of your skin. For this purpose use tester. Having smeared it on the wrist back, you will be able to see whether the shade suits you. The proofreader and concealer are put with the patting movements without application of special brushes fingertips. If bruises are expressed not brightly, it is possible just to use any cream with flickering particles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team