How to remove bruise eye

How to remove bruise eye

For certain reasons on eye there can sometimes be rupture of vessel, and hemorrhage at the same time is formed in bruise. This education can be caused by the following reasons: strong shout, sharp movements, heavy blow, tumor.


  1. Apply the milk mixed with incense or salty water with small amount of liquid ammonia to sore eye.
  2. Apply outside the medicinal bandage wetted in burned potash with wine. It is especially effective if the tumor is cause of illness.
  3. Use fresh cheese, Donic medicinal, radish peel, saffron, root of licorice and the lentil mixed with egg yolk and rose attar. Just apply any of these components to sore eye for several minutes.
  4. Make lotions of the water diluted with several droplets of vinegar or from water in which boil ashes.
  5. Do lotions with juice of aloe, camomile broth and also of boiled and istolchenny leaves of fresh cabbage.
  6. Make medicinal bandage of the pounded mustard which is previously mixed with fig pulp (it has to be twice more, than mustard). This means will help to get rid of severe bruise in eye.
  7. Accept more vitamin C. It will promote softening of the hardened eye tissues. Avoid to incline very low or sharply the head to prevent development of bruise.
  8. Do compresses of strong tea. They will be able to facilitate the general condition of sore eye.
  9. Make tincture from flowers of mountain arnica. For its preparation, small crush officinal flowers and mix them from 70% alcohol in proportion 1:10. Let's the received liquid infuse in the cold and dark place several days. After that apply it inside, previously having dissolved in water or milk of 30-40 drops. It is the best of all to accept this means on 2-3 times a day to food.
  10. Put to sore eye something cold several times a day (ice, the frozen meat). Try not to touch sore eye once again, rest is necessary for it now.

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