How to remove capillaries from face

How to remove capillaries from face

Vascular diseases can become the real problem for the woman, especially if asterisks are located on face. As soon as you have noticed that they begin to appear - urgently take measures for their prevention and elimination.


1. First of all try to change considerably all system of care for face skin. Can your type of skin some cosmetic means used by you do not approach. They without fail need to be replaced. If your skin became inclined to emergence of vascular formations, then forget about ordinary peeling. Replace it with enzymatic or sparing.

2. Buy only that cosmetics which will make positive impact susceptible face skin, to look after softly her, to humidify it, and also and to strengthen blood vessels. Study composition of the bought cosmetics. You need to give preference to cosmetics which part flowers of wild myrtle, Japanese ginkgo, witch-hazel, mountain arnica, vitamin K, RR vitamin, vitamin C are.

3. Reconsider the food. It is not less, than cosmetics, influences condition of vessels. Try to remove whenever possible from diet too hot, greasy and heavy food. Besides, exclude hot and spicy spices. Do not take products and drinks which promote increase in arterial blood pressure. Include in diet parsley, blackberry, citrus, cherry, grapes, broccoli, blackcurrant and also buckwheat. It is useful to drink broths of field horsetail and oak bark.

4. If all above-mentioned measures have not helped, then address specialists cosmetologists. They by means of modern technologies will help to return to your skin former look. If on skin there was no more than a millimeter in the diameter vascular reticulum, then the doctor, most likely, will offer you laser sklerozirovaniye or photocoagulation. If the big site, then is struck by more effective, but also respectively more expensive method of treatment is the ozonoterapiya. During it the expert in vessel injects ozone and oxygen. After cosmetic removal of asterisks, it is desirable to undergo full inspection in policlinic and to establish the reason of their emergence.

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