How to remove cellulitis? Efficiency of wrapping

How to remove cellulitis? Efficiency of wrapping

Wrapping well influences condition of skin, helps to get rid of cellulitis is absolutely painless. Wrapping can be done in house conditions. In order that the effect was shown fully, the procedure needs to be carried out course.

Cellulitis is the cosmetology problem caused by changes in hypodermic and fat layer. Externally cellulitis is hillocks on skin. Most often they appear behind on hips. In the people this phenomenon has received the name "orange-peel". Because of this problem of the woman hide body under free clothes and refuse erotic underwear.

Methods of fight against cellulitis gain special popularity before beach season. Wrapping concerns some of them. There are 3 types of wrapping: hot, cold and combined. For fight against orange-peel it is considered the most effective wrapping is hotter.

It is better if during putting mix and winding of film somebody helps you.

Order of implementation of the procedure following: take shower and rub problem places srub and rigid bast. Then dry wipe skin towel. Apply in advance prepared mix on stomach, then go down below: on hips and other problem places. Take in hand roll with food wrap. Make two turns around waist, then pass to hips. Wind one leg, then the second in the beginning. Tighten film moderately not to draw skin. Now put on warm clothes and lay down under blanket. Relax within 40 minutes. After this time unwind film, and wash away mix water. Apply anti-cellulite cream to skin.

Experts recommend to carry out during the procedure physical exercises for hips and buttocks. So, extra kilos will quicker leave.

You carry out any kind of wrapping 2-3 times a week for month. Then it is necessary to take break.

One of the most popular hot wrappings - honey. You need 5 tablespoons of honey and 3-4 drops of essential oil (lemon, orange, lavender). As oils can cause burn, do not abuse large number. Before wrapping by film carry out self-massage. Clap in places where you have applied mix. Pats have to be rhythmical and with identical force. If during massage white liquid begins to be emitted, so toxins come to light. Continue massage some more minutes, and then densely wind all places with food wrap. Honey and mustard wrapping has very strong warming effect therefore it yields amazing result. In this case mustard gets divorced small amount of water and connects to honey. Experts recommend to prepare mix from identical amount of honey and mustard. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to use ratio of honey and mustard 2 to 1. In advance check reaction skin as substances can cause burning. Hot wrapping with chocolate is incredibly pleasant procedure. 500 grams of cocoa powder fill in 500 ml of water. Cool the received chocolate paste to +37+38 °C. Great option is to use professional chocolate cosmetics for wrapping. Hot wrapping by clay not less popularly. For this purpose part 200 grams of dry blue clay with water to condition of gruel. Water has to have temperature of +40 °C. It is possible to dissolve clay with hotter liquid as it will quickly cool down. You apply clay to skin thin and even layer.

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