How to remove cellulitis from lyashka and buttocks house conditions

How to remove cellulitis from lyashka and buttocks house conditions

It is possible in various ways to remove cellulitis from lyashka and buttocks house conditions, but only some of them are really effective. The women wishing to change as soon as possible can adopt them.


1. The miracle creams or drugs allowing to remove cellulitis from lyashka and buttocks house conditions actually do not exist. The main tools in fight against "orange-peel" - healthy nutrition and constant physical activity. Begin with the first. Reduce amount of carbohydrate food to minimum, having completely refused sugar in pure form, chocolate and farinaceous food (to eat without bread and is not for dessert cookies or fancy bread). Exclude pasta, sweet juice, carbonated drinks, coffee and black tea from diet.

2. Do not eat greasy and fried food, instead steam products or use them in the natural form. For this purpose well vegetables and fruit approach especially as the last well replace dessert dishes, habitual, but harmful to organism. The most healthy food for the people having fat deposits, plaques and problems with hormones is proteinaceous. The main diet meat of hens, beef, boiled eggs, bean have to make, cottage cheese and skim milk and also fermented milk products. It is necessary to eat small portions, 3-4 times a day.

3. Begin to play sports to remove cellulitis from lyashka and buttocks house conditions. It is the best of all to visit gym, but it is possible to be engaged also at home. The main exercise on strengthening of muscles of buttocks and legs are squats. Be not afraid "to pump over" muscles: if to squat till 20-30 repetitions in 3-4 approaches and not to use additional burdenings, you will only bring into tone and to strengthen muscles, but not to increase their weight. As additional exercises it is possible to do moves by legs in different directions of standing position, "bicycle" from prone position and also to make morning or evening jogs in the fresh air.

4. Avoid sedentary life as it leads to stagnation of blood in the field of basin and legs and to formation of cellulitis. It is also necessary to avoid stresses and reexhaustions which are capable to cause hormonal failures and deterioration in condition of skin and also addictions. To smooth skin and to give it additional tone, take contrast shower more often and also carry out massage in the form of stroking and pat of problem sites. At last, regular sex life will help to forget about cellulitis on thighs and buttocks to women: sex stabilize hormonal level, improve mood and tone up organism.

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