How to remove circles and bags under eyes

How to remove circles and bags under eyes

Each woman dreams of ideal face. But sometimes dark circles and bags under eyes appear. And it does not decorate at all. Therefore to you will never prevent to know how to fight against it.


1. Most often the reasons to emergence of bags and bruises is the sleep debt or violation of work of internals, improper feeding or chronic alar diseases. Also it can be connected with age signs or you have genetic predisposition. But with it it is possible and it is necessary to fight. There are many councils how to help you to remove circles and bags under eyes. Simple rules will help you to keep beauty of your eyes.

2. It is possible just to try to execute several simple councils: - give to organism time to have a rest, get enough sleep full eight hours. - do not undertake too big cargo of work connected with tension of eyes. - try to distract from labor process, relax. - rejoice to every day. Give compliments to others, and you will feel energy inflow. - try not to abuse hard liquors, hot and salty dishes. - you sleep so that the head has been slightly raised during sleep. - avoid whenever possible stressful situations.

3. And it is possible to use folk remedies. They will also help you with fight against circles and bags. With it you can be helped by compress from cold tea. Put it for ten minutes that skin around eyes has calmed down and has accepted natural color. And after removal wipe skin with ice piece.

4. Or take potatoes and grate it. Plentifully impose it on eyelid skin for 20 minutes. Also juice from crude potatoes can be useful to you, moisten with it eyelids within 15 minutes. The cucumber mask will help to remove to you shadows under the eyes. Just impose cucumber circles on eyes for 20 minutes. Then wash cold water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team