How to remove cracks on heels

How to remove cracks on heels

Quite frequent problem at women is availability of cracks on heels of legs. Sometimes it is possible to get rid of such unpleasant phenomenon the procedure of pedicure, but if cracks rather deep – treatment is required. It is possible to remove cracks on heels by means of medical medicines and folk remedies.

It is required to you

  • - vaseline;
  • - beeswax;
  • - paraffin;
  • - salicylic acid;
  • - ointments;
  • - cream;
  • - herbs;
  • - apple cider vinegar;
  • - socks;
  • - water.


1. Before starting treatment of cracks on heels, it is necessary to eradicate the reason of their emergence. Various diseases and also dryness of skin can be the reasons. If cracks on heels have resulted from any disease, then it is worth curing it at first.

2. The best means from cracks on heels is the vaseline and all medicines having it in structure. Thanks to properties of vaseline of leg receive necessary moistening. Before applying such medicines, legs have to be steamed well out in hot water. Vaseline is applied on plaster and glued to heel on all night long. The procedure should be repeated daily until cracks do not disappear.

3. Very well helps to remove cracks on heels means on the basis of beeswax. Wax heats up and mixes up in equal quantities with paraffin and salicylic acid. After preparation of mix it needs to be applied on heels. As a result of drying it is worth imposing two more layers of mix and to record by means of bandage. Means every other day is removed, at the same time having processed heel Penza.

4. One more remarkable means against cracks on heels is the bath from herbs – camomile, oak bark, sage, calendula. To prepare this medical mix, it is necessary to connect on teaspoon of each grass and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to keep legs in bath 15-20 minutes then it is good to rub off and grease with the moistening means.

5. Besides folk remedies, such medical medicines as – the ointments on the basis of antibiotics allowing to soften skin of heels help to get rid of cracks on heels; cream, the containing propolis and beeswax; antifungal medicines.

6. Using such means, you should not forget also about the correct the leg care. Not to irritate the skin, wash legs in warm water, and later rub olive oil in skin. Sometimes it is possible to do massage by foot by means of fat cream, but you should not carry out it too often. After drawing any means for legs surely put on cotton socks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team