How to remove extensions folk remedies

How to remove extensions folk remedies

Extensions arise for many reasons. Among them there are pregnancy, fast set of weight or on the contrary, rapid weight loss. There is even genetic predisposition to formation of extensions. How to get rid of this misfortune, without resorting to the help of the plastic surgeon?


1. Rub olive oil in zones of hips, stomach and breast. Vegetable oil is fine prophylactic in fight against extensions. For holding massage procedures add several drops of essential oils to vegetable oil. Use for basis sesame oil, sea-buckthorn or almond. For preparation of massage oils take: lavender oil in number of 5 drops on the 2nd tablespoons of basis. On 9 tablespoons of oily base take tablespoon of the oil prepared from sprouts of wheat and on 10 drops of oil patchouli or roses. Prepare mix from 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil and 4 drops of rosemary, two drops of lavender, two drops of mint and two drops of carnation. Rub these mixes easy movements in the skin subject to gaps. Also use these oils for acceptance of heat baths. Combine them with sea salt.

2. In places of gaps apply the mix prepared from equal quantity of nonsense and 3% of peroxide of hydrogen to vtiraniye. Rub with circular motions this mix once a week. Do not forget to process every day places of extensions olive oil.

3. Prepare house srub. Fill glass of sugar and glass of salt in bowl and pour in half of glass of vegetable oil, desirable palm. Carefully mix. During acceptance of shower mass srub the skin subject to extensions. You carry out the procedure every morning. In month you will see noticeable improvements.

4. Prepare solution from mummy. For this purpose pound several tablets in powder and dissolve it in small amount of water. Use it as massage means. For simplification of the procedure add to mix of a little children's cream. You store mix in the fridge as sunlight and high temperature will destroy necessary medicinal properties.

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