How to remove extensions on stomach

How to remove extensions on stomach

Extensions (or hems, striya) on stomach – the phenomenon quite widespread. They appear at women after the delivery or in connection with sharp increase in weight. In some cases can be consequence of change of hormonal background, insufficiency of protein in diet, and protein influences production of the collagen maintaining elasticity and elasticity of skin. Quite often the genetic predisposition is the reason of formation of extensions. It is difficult to remove them completely without surgical intervention, but to try to make them less noticeable, and at persistence and patience to get rid of them at all, nevertheless it is possible.


  1. Grindings. In extreme antiquity of the woman suffered from extensions too and to return to stomach skin smoothness and beauty, applied vegetable oils. Linseed oil was especially popular. Women just long rubbed it to problem places. Our contemporaries have more powerful arsenal of the means suitable for grindings. Make oil mix. For basic take almond, olive or wheat germ oil (in them high content of the vitamin E promoting the accelerated skin regeneration), add to it on some drops of essential oils and shake up. According to researches of specialists of Institute of beauty, are the most suitable for fight against extensions of oil of dogrose, rosemary, not role and petitgreyn (from leaves of orange tree). Rub oil mix to the area of extensions regularly, the result will be not instant, but obvious.
  2. Wrappings and compresses. Here not oil mixes, but certain basis with addition of aromatic oils are used. Kefir, honey, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit, mashed or oat puree, clay, laminarias, egg yolk, the kindled chocolate, etc. can form basis. Observe concentration on 1 tablespoon of basis add 20 drops of oil of rosemary, 30 drops add petitgreyn, 25 drops – incense, 15 drops – ginger. Vary structure to the taste. Having applied mix to stomach skin, cover it with cellophane and from above warm scarf, you hold compress within half an hour. When wrapping impregnate cotton fabric with the prepared mix and densely wrap it yourself, occupying the area of stomach. Atop also turn back cellophane and warm plaid. Lay down and are in quiet condition of 30-40 minutes. Take shower. Compresses and wrappings are especially effective during visit of bath.
  3. Bathtubs. Perhaps, the most effective method of fight against extensions on stomach since at this procedure there is the maximum and uniform contact of remedy and leather of stomach. Take sea salt, baking soda, honey or the filtered oat kissel, add natural essential oil (mandarine, almond, linen or not roles), carefully mix and dissolve in the bathtub filled with warm water. Be not overzealous with oils, you remember that in connection with warm water and damp air they enhance aroma, meanwhile, from evaporations of some oils can pinch eyes. Duration of acceptance of bathtub in the first days should not exceed 5 minutes, then it is possible to increase time and water temperature. After bathtub it is not necessary to be wiped by towel. Throw with dressing gown or sheet moist body and wait, water will not evaporate yet and oil will not be absorbed.

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