How to remove extra kilos from waist

How to remove extra kilos from waist

Do you gain weight in upper body, and hips and legs remain harmonious? We find out how to find ideal figure, kilograms in stomach can be kindled with great difficulty.

Fat which collects voyokrug waists is called belly or visceral. And if deep thighs or buttocks have no niyokaky negative impact on zdoyorovya, then the voluminous stomach bears danger. The fact is that bryushyony fat is not under skin, and densely surrounds internal oreganos, breaking their work. The person gets tired quicker, feels tyayozhest and fatigue. NaYokopleniya in upper body is led to raised urovyonyu women's hormones.

Therefore the well-known beer stomach of the stronger sex - at all not sign of courage, but signal that it is time to take measures. Everything at whom waist measurement grows, get the whole bouquet of nedoyomoganiye together with kilograms: raised arterial davleyony and sugar in blood, high cholesterol. The risk of oncological diseases, inyofarkt and strokes increases.

Researches have shown: accumulation vistseralnoyogo fat is influenced by condition of nervous system and sleep quality. The people spyayoshchy till seven hours have smaller amount of belly fat, than those who sleep five and less hours or eight and more. The nervous situation of the house or at work can also influence the waist size zayometno. KorYotizol, hormone of adrenal glands, reguyolyarno comes to blood at stress and promotes accumulation of fat in abdominal cavity. To KroYoma of that, being in stressful soyostoyaniye, people eat more, giving preference fat and sweet.

The figure Yabloko is descended. Do you feel that objyoy waists began to grow? Look how parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives look: if they tend to completeness, then and you are in risk zone. So, it is necessary to take measures: to dviyogatsya, introduce more amendments in food sisteyoma. Your main enemies - fast food, chips, beer, sweets.

There is effective way to izmeyonit approach to purchase of products. Provide that your great-great-grandmother in the nachayol of the 20th century could get in bench. Flour, eggs, meat, fish, grain, oil, vegetables, nuts. PokuYopayte the same. The menu has to consist of the simple crude produkyot and dishes prepared houses. It will help to get rid of internal fat gradually.

The physical activity influences izyobavleniye from belly fat even stronger, than diet. Such is meditsinyosky statistics. But stock up with teryopeniye: from loadings subcutaneous fat will disappear at first, and only then the organism will address glubinyony stocks. Therefore it is necessary to razdeyolit task on two stages: to get stronger and to lose weight a little, and then to increase muscles, the developed muscles use energy even in rest soyostoyaniya. On the first etayop it is necessary just to force itself constantly dvigatyyosya: to pass on foot excess stop, to refuse the lifyot, to walk. PomoYozhet fitness-brasyolet, vibratsiyoy it everyone half an hour will remind that it is necessary to rise and move. The type of loading is not important, its regularity is important. Approximately in month you will be ready to go to the trenayozherny hall. The trainer will help to poyodobrat exercises for activation of combustion of internal fat. The body needs about two months to enter the mode of the raised metabolism. After that nenayovistny kilograms and volumes nachyonut to thaw in the eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team