How to remove fat fold on stomach: useful tips

How to remove fat fold on stomach: useful tips

The stomach burdened with extra kilos, unfortunately, looks not always esthetically. Very often business is aggravated by the drooped skin and extensions of which not to get rid wrappings alone and other house cosmetic procedures. In this case the special cleaning diet, physical exercises and professional massage will help.

Not only availability of extra kilos can lead to skin obvisaniye. Are also the reasons of flabby stomach weakening of muscles as a result of inactive way of life, and still age aging of skin which leads to loss of its elasticity.

To get rid of excess weight and to return to waist beautiful appearance will help:

Of course, it is possible to try to cope with the drooped stomach by means of self-massage, but better nevertheless will trust in the professional. Will tighten skin, will reduce extensions and classical plucked massage will strengthen press muscles. Also to return to skin elasticity and to remove superfluous it is possible thanks to lymphatic drainage massage of stomach. For noticeable effect it is necessary to combine massage with diet. 1-2 full courses of the procedure are required.

Pedestrian walking at fast speed, daily and the more the better is recommended. Also it is worth paying attention to such type of physical activity as the Scandinavian walking. The quite good effect renders swimming, 3-4 times a week are desirable. Well and, certainly, the exercises giving load of press muscles.

If there is a strong wish, it is possible to buy body scrub or to make it independently, for example, of coffee. Skin after the procedure becomes smooth and silky, however, effect here more cosmetic.

Some terirovka and massage without the healthy balanced nutrition not to get rid of fat fold therefore it is necessary to reconsider the diet.

  • In your menu have to be: vegetables, fish, seafood, cottage cheese, products from whole grain.
  • Replace white loaf with wholegrain, be not afraid of some porridges and pasta - it is slow carbohydrates, they - power source for organism.
  • Eat 1-2 fruit a day.
  • Reduce dried fruits and nuts to minimum. They though are useful, but the first contain a lot of sugar, and the second - fats.
  • Exclude sweet (2 segments of dark chocolate a day are allowed).
  • Exclude fried food, but do not refuse completely fats (10 g of butter a day are allowed).
  • Exclude fast food and sparkling water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team