How to remove fat from chin

How to remove fat from chin

With age in organism there are hormonal changes influencing emergence of excess of soft fabrics in chin. It is possible to get rid of fat in podborodny area after specific clarification of the reason of its emergence.

1. That as it is possible to remove further emergence of the first symptoms of obesity in chin, it is necessary to do, since 20 flyings, special gymnastics. Put cream on face and within several minutes repeat sounds at "about", "and", "ы", trying to keep the lower jaw in suspense. Do the patting movements by means of the palm back on the lower part of chin within 4 minutes.

2. Try to do at least once in week compresses in chin. It will improve blood circulation and will tighten skin. It is possible to use the rough towel moistened in water, to curtail it into plait and to sharply clap chin from below up, trying not to touch throat.

3. The modern cosmetology offers new methods of disposal of double chin. For example, mezodissolyution - one of new techniques of mesotherapy. Advantage of this technique is fast introduction under skin of the medicines which stimulate it to production of collagen and elastin, necessary to strengthen structure of face form. It is presumably necessary to undergo about ten procedures to receive positive result.

4. Healthy lifestyle, refusal of addictions, healthy nutrition – people who follow these simple rules should not combat fat in chin, it there just will not appear.

5. There is number of the councils helping preservation of face contour. Going to bed, enclose the roller under neck. Eat products as a part of which there is lipoliyevy and hyaluronic acid, for example, seafood. Practice yoga, exercises help improvement of blood-groove in face and to strengthening of neck, therefore, they help to improve face contour.

6. The most radical method of disposal of fat on chin is operation. The person – one of the most complex bodies and before deciding on correction of chin, it is necessary to undergo full inspection. It is necessary to approach the choice of the surgeon after careful consideration, experience and qualification of the expert is very important.

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