How to remove fat from stomach to the teenager

How to remove fat from stomach to the teenager

The pot-belly at teenage age can be caused by genetic predisposition together with inactive way of life and improper feeding. That is why for return of symmetry the problem needs to be solved in complex.


  1. As at teenage age metabolism in organism usually still rather active, it will be not too difficult to remove fat from stomach. For a start it is necessary to correct diet and diet. It is important to refuse any fast food: hamburgers, French fries, chips and other food which can be bought easily in any stall.
  2. Also from diet it is necessary to remove sweet carbonated drinks, candies and chocolate, products from fancy and yeast dough. All this food not only does not bring any benefit, but still negatively affects condition of figure and health in general. It contains large amount of preservatives and hazardous substances which accumulate in organism and slow down normal metabolism.
  3. At the same time it is impossible to keep to diets at all, especially at teenage age. For normal development the organism has to receive all vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements necessary for it. That is why it is necessary to eat fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Several times a week it is necessary to try to include in the menu of egg, dairy products, porridges, nuts and even potato.
  4. If there is such opportunity, prepare or ask parents to cook for you dishes in oven or the double boiler, but not to roast on oil. Thanks to it you will begin to eat only healthy food which will not be laid in subcutaneous fat.
  5. Observe diet. Do not miss full-fledged breakfast and lunch when you can eat porridges, any dairy products, muesli, bread, eggs and liquid dishes at all – all of them will be processed into energy. The dinner also should pay attention, trying to eat it till 7 in the evening. It is one dinner better to use meat or fish dishes. As having a snack between the main meals use fruit, yogurt or vegetables, but not rolls or sandwiches in any way.
  6. Lead active lifestyle which will help to return symmetry of waist. At the same time it is not obligatory to go every day to the gym – to play couple of hours any sports, whether it be soccer, badminton, tennis, basketball or volleyball enough. It is also possible to do swimming, run or to ride bike not less than 30 minutes a day. Register in some sports section or just more often you leave to play the yard with children. You remember if to give preference to active holiday, but not game on the computer, from stomach very quickly will not have also trace.
  7. Try to swing press daily or every other day, every week increasing the number of approaches. At the same time you should not forget also about the lower press which can be strengthened lifting of legs from lying situation, and about side.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team