How to remove flat warts

How to remove flat warts

Flat warts differ from usual in the fact that they do not tower over the level of surrounding skin. Most often they are located on face, neck, the back surface of hands. In itself to wart do not constitute danger, however at constant traumatization they can regenerate in new growths. How to get rid of them?

  • - wide adhesive plaster;
  • - celandine;
  • - medicines on the basis of celandine;
  • - berries of red mountain ash;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - keratolytic ointments;
  • - podofillin, podophyllotoxin or kondilin.

1. Before use of the substances which are burning out or destroying warts protect surrounding skin adhesive plaster. Cut off piece of wide adhesive plaster on fabric basis. Bend it in half. In the center of the line of bend cut out small semicircle. Razlepite of part of adhesive plaster also paste it on skin so that the wart has appeared in opening, and everything that is on the periphery, it has been covered with fabric.

2. Use celandine. Dig out plant, cut off piece of one of roots. Grease with the juice which has acted on section warts 2-3 times a day. You store celandine in the dark cool place. Every time use new piece of root. If you have no opportunity to find plant, use pharmaceutical medicines on its basis: celandine, supercelandine, etc.

3. Make applique of the crushed berries of red mountain ash or flowers of calendula. Apply vegetable raw materials on wart, from above put piece of polyethylene. Record applique by bandage or several strips of adhesive plaster. You carry out the procedure daily.

4. You inflict on sites defeats keratolytic ointments: ortauratsilovy, tebrofenovy, kolkhaminovy. The principle of their action is that they dissolve the epidermis layer forming wart.

5. Use the ointments suppressing reproduction of virus of papilloma of the person causing emergence of outgrowths: podofillin, podophyllotoxin, kondilin. Grease with them the affected skin of times in 2 days within month. Over time warts will decrease in sizes, and then will disappear.

6. Address the dermatologist. Modern methods of treatment will allow to remove skin outgrowths with surgical way, liquid nitrogen, electric current, laser radiation.

7. Address the psychotherapist owning hypnosis method. This way of disposal of warts is similar to plots, however it is more effective since in condition of hypnosis the criticism of consciousness on information postupayemy from the outside is disconnected.

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