How to remove from nails covering shellac

How to remove from nails covering shellac

Shellac is varnish on gel basis. It long keeps on nail plate, promoting its strengthening. Varnish from nails is removed it is quite problematic also only according to certain scheme.

Advantages of shellac

Shellac is made on the basis of special biogel. Externally, before drawing on nail plate, it practically differs in nothing from usual varnish. But as shellac is produced on gel basis, it dries under ultra-violet lamp, but not on air.

Gel polish is shown to owners of thin and fragile nails. The similar covering excellently protects nail surface from stratifying and oblamyvaniye. It does not cause allergy, and harmful pitches and formaldehydes are not its part.

The main advantage of shellac is the durability. This covering can hold on on nail plate not less than a month. Color variety allows to do manicure for every taste.

Removal of shellac from nails

To remove varnish-gel in house conditions, cotton pads, foil, nail file, acetone or liquid will be necessary for removal of varnish on its basis, sticks for cuticle, adhesive tape or adhesive plaster. The procedure of removal of shellac very much reminds removal of the acrylic increased nails. The difference is only that as the nails, and it is necessary to cut off nothing. Cotton pads should be cut on several parts that they were convenient to be put on each nail plate. Tapes of foil have to have such length that it was possible to wrap finger. The cotton pad needs to be wetted in liquid for removal of varnish and to impose on nail. That skin around nails has not suffered, before the procedure it is recommended to grease it with fat cream. From above the finger needs to be wound with foil and to fix by adhesive tape that kept better.

Acetone, though in rare instances, can cause allergic reaction.

After that it is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes. During this time varnish-gel shellac has to soften and begin to depart from nail plate. Having waited for necessary amount of time, it is necessary to remove foil with cotton pad and to quickly begin to scratch out color covering from each nail stick for cuticle. That it was more convenient, it is possible to exempt fingers from foil not everything at once, and in turn. In other words, it is necessary to pass to the following nail only after clarification previous. After removal of shellac, nails should be polished with soft nonmetallic nail file. The covering of nail plates the strengthening varnish has to be the following step.

It is possible to use the special restoring nail balm.

As option, it is possible to remove shellac for certain sum of money in salon. It minimizes risk to spoil nails. Besides, it is possible to buy professional tool for gel removal. As similar structures do not contain acetone, and the house option of removal of resistant covering can become absolutely harmless. They are used according to the above scheme.

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