How to remove gloss of skin

How to remove gloss of skin

Many women face such negative phenomenon as unpleasant gloss of skin which arises more often at the representatives having the combined and fat type of skin. It happens because of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands. There is a lot of reasons of excess release of skin fat, it can be heredity, internal failures in organism, improper feeding, stresses.


1. The cleaning masks on the basis of clay which it is possible to take in finished form will help to remove gloss of skin and also to make. For this purpose buy in drugstore clay, it is on sale in the form of powder. There are several types of clays: yellow clay will be suitable for dry or faded skin, for sensitive use blue, at problem skin take black, and white, green and pink clay are universal and will suit all. Dissolve clay with water or herbs decoction, room temperature 1:1 before formation not of dense gruel. Then put weight on face, and you hold approximately minutes 15, during this time clay will dry up and will extend surplus of fat from skin. It is necessary to do such masks two times a week.

2. Cosmetic brands offer the whole skin care lines eliminating greasy luster. Skins for washing, lotions, cream enter such lines. It should be taken into account that they will act only in complex. But be not fond of such means, use them courses better.

3. Decorative cosmetics is capable to eliminate unpleasant gloss too, but it will be visible effect, but not medical. Here give preferences to the matting powders better, they both will record make-up, and will hide skin shortcomings. If you do not use decorative cosmetics, pay attention to the matting bases, they are usually colourless and give instant effect of opaque skin.

4. One more means capable to remove gloss of skin, the matting napkins are, it is very convenient to take them. Just apply such napkin to problem sites of the person, and it will absorb in itself gloss, the make-up at the same time will not suffer. If to approach question of elimination of unpleasant gloss of skin in a complex and to pay special attention to leaving of the person and quality of the used cosmetics, then success is guaranteed!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team