How to remove greasy luster on face

How to remove greasy luster on face

Oily skin is burning issue of considerable number of young people of both sexes. Gloss on forehead, nose, on chin and the acne rash adjoining them — strong indications of oily skin of the person. Someone can count upon the fact that all will pass, but others can consider more reasonable decision treatment of skin and prevention of unnecessary complications. Oily skin requires permanent care, only this way it is possible to avoid formation of eels.


1. Under no circumstances do not forget to nourish skin with nutrients. The benefit, drugstores and beauty shops provide to the clients wide choice of the various moistening means for tenacious oily skin.

2. Twice a day during washing use special gels. For strengthening of favorable effect you can use soft brush. Thus, there is systematic clarification of time from obstruction.

3. After washing it is necessary to apply by means of cotton tampon to face skin containing acetilsalicylic acid lotion. Owing to this procedure the pores are cleaned finally, gloss of fat disappears. At the same time you should not forget about skin moistening at all.

4. Dry skin, having applied on it by means of cotton tampon kefir. Wait for minutes 15, and after time, wash away mask warm water.

5. For narrowing of time and improvement of complexion beat and mix together egg white of egg and dried peel of lemon. The made structure should be put on face which has been previously cleaned by skin for washing. Leave for 15 minutes and wash away.

6. Shake up 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 20 grams of yeast. Add 1 teaspoon of the warmed milk to the turned-out mix. Apply to skin and take 15 minutes. Wash away warm water.

7. It is worth not to forgetting that it is necessary to wash twice a day by means of gel and to process leather oily skin toners which can be bought in any drugstore. Also on sale there are tonics which have tonic effect. In the afternoon use face powder, it is desirable transparent.

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