How to remove high temple

How to remove high temple

The high temple gives to the man certain solid image, even peculiar charm. If the woman faces this problem, then for it it is just trouble. High temples at women are most often localized only in forehead that looks not really beautifully.


  1. It is rather easy to cover high temple in forehead with bang. However it should be noted that it suits not each woman. Happens and so that the bang to you goes, but will fully not be able to disguise defect because it is located a little not in that place.
  2. In that case most of women should use any of numerous folk remedies. The most widespread of them is sea salt. It just needs to be vmassirovat in your head. On hair it is necessary to sustain such mask about 15 minutes, then to wash away flowing water. Perfectly also clay helps. It is used in accuracy as well as sea salt. She needs to be stood on hair, after quarter of hour to wash away.
  3. If case already heavy, then it is possible to try to resort to special hair extension. It is carried out in salons. It is necessary to address only the checked experts. Otherwise it is possible to lose also the rest of head of hear.
  4. It is possible to try to use the following broth. For its preparation it is necessary to take mint grass, root of burdock, 15 sheets of plantain, 10 g of flowers of calendula, gonochoristic nettle, St. John's wort and also immortelle flowers. Mix all these components. Fill in the collecting which has turned out at you from herbs with boiled water. Let's some time to it infuse. Accept inside in 30 minutes prior to acceptance of food three times a day.
  5. It is possible to prepare also other broth, very effective, but more rare components enter it. Try to get bark of willow of goat, about 20 g. Fill in it 200 ml of boiled water. It is necessary to use this broth similarly to collecting from the previous step.
  6. It is possible to pound parsley seeds. Every evening powder roots of hair the turned-out powder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team