How to remove hypostases and shadows under the eyes

How to remove hypostases and shadows under the eyes

Depending on the reasons of appearance of unpleasant hypostases under eyes or bruises, it is possible to get rid of them in several ways: consultation with the doctor and use of medical drugs, cosmetics or folk remedies.


1. If with health everything is all right, then under eyes you can get rid of the unpleasant phenomena by means of cosmetics. For day care behind skin around eyes use gels on plant extracts. Gels with extracts of aloe, dogrose, camomile perfectly moisturize the gentle skin in the field of century, visually reduce signs of fatigue. The defect can be hidden in a few old checked way by means of usual dry powder or foundation.

2. Make one of two masks: 1. Mix teaspoon of sour cream with the same amount of juice of parsley; 2. Grate fresh cucumber. The mask is ready. Apply any of these masks to skin around eyes, leave for 15 minutes. After that wash away warm water. Juice of parsley and cucumber perfectly eliminates dark circles under eyes and removes puffiness. You can use instead of cucumber gruel cucumber circles 9prosto put them on eyes).

3. The good effect will give application of cubes of ice from broth of herbs. Make herbal tea: put in the boiling water (0.5 l) on tablespoon of camomile, mint, sage. Let's cool down, after that pour liquid in icetray and put in the freezer. Take one cube of broth in the morning and begin to drive slowly it clockwise on skin around eyes. Ice well tones up vessels and skin, taking off fatigue, eliminating bruises.

4. Before going to bed use massage for century. Apply warm olive oil on finger-tips, begin to pat gently muscles around eye hollows in the direction from internal corners of eyes to the external line. Now close eyes, having put fingers on eyelids. Begin to open eyes under fingers, feeling tension, pripodymy at the same time eyebrows. Repeat several times, such procedure perfectly strengthens muscle tissue, raising its tone.

5. Perhaps, you just were tired and slept several nights badly, then postpone all affairs and sleep well, having enclosed pillow under the head is higher. The long healthy sleep will strengthen forces of your organism and also will eliminate in the natural way hypostases and shadows under the eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team