How to remove irritation after plucking out of eyebrows

How to remove irritation after plucking out of eyebrows

Women watch closely the appearance, and each detail for them matters. Plucking out of eyebrows – the integral procedure for face care.

Features of the procedure of plucking out of eyebrows

After the procedure of plucking out, eyebrows get more accurate form. Do not forget that the look is defined in many respects by this form therefore at plucking out consider features of the structure of the person. For each face type it is possible to pick up ideal shape of eyebrows. The long arc-shaped form which round – is rounded off, oval – arc-shaped eyebrows, and triangular – raised up and rounded off is ideal for square face. There are several councils of how it is correct to pull out eyebrows that they have turned out beautiful, and after holding this procedure the irritation on skin has not appeared.

Eyebrow care after plucking out

It is important not correct to pull out eyebrows, but also to take care after this disease process. After completion of the procedure it is recommended to process leather antiseptic agent. Besides, for removal of reddening it is possible to put the tampon impregnated with cold water to eyebrows. Compresses from oils help to soften the injured skin. Mix from various oils perfectly removes irritation.

For preparation of the calming compress, mix 10 grams of sunflower, linseed or peach oil and add 5 grams of castor oil. Such mix can be added with camphoric oil, but it is possible to take only a few drops. 5-7 minutes later after plucking out apply gel or cream on eyebrows. Perfectly cream with the maintenance of aloe or other medicative herbs will approach. The weakened eyebrows will not be prevented by compress from olive oil. Impregnate cotton plaits or tampons with oil and apply to eyebrows, having covered with parchment strips. The result of such procedure will not keep itself waiting. There are even special masks for eyebrows. They remove irritation, softening and nourishing skin. Perfectly the mask from dried fig and milk works. For its preparation follows boil soft fig in hot milk. Lay out the prepared weight on gauze or rag and apply to eyebrows, having kept hour. In hour the irritation will pass. To avoid reddening, before plucking out properly wash up hands and face. Blot eyebrows with disinfectant, with it or alcohol wipe tweezers. You do not apply on eyebrows cream at all, otherwise the procedure will become more painful and the irritation will not manage to be avoided. Processing of this area ice piece will help to pull out eyebrows without pain. Ice from grass infusion will be the most effective. Cold anesthetizes and removes sensitivity of skin.

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