How to remove irritation after shaving of legs

How to remove irritation after shaving of legs

The irritation and reddening of skin after shaving of legs enrages many women. There is package of measures which allow to minimize unpleasant effects.

Preparation for shaving

To avoid irritation after shaving, it is important to be prepared for the procedure correctly. First of all it is necessary to soften hair. Just it is the best of all to wet legs or to wrap them in warm damp towel. Legs after the bathroom or shower, at this time skin damp, and hairs rather soft so shaving will be less injuring is the best of all to shave.

Do not use soap for shaving simplification, it dries and irritates the skin. Instead of soap it is worth buying shaving cream with aloe in structure or any other suitable means. In case your skin tends to irritation, good shaving cream can help. You apply it to skin after shower or bathtub, wait several minutes until it softens skin, and begin shaving.

That shine irritation of skin on is not present, shave legs in the direction of growth of hair. Results will be not such encouraging as when shaving in the opposite direction, but irritation hair the follicle will be many times less.

What to do after shaving of legs?

After shaving of legs you apply special lotion to skin. If it is absent near at hand, use usual all body lotion. Use of lotion reduces itch and redness after shaving. One-percentage hydrocortisone cream acts as the real rescue from irritation. They should process leather of legs directly after shaving. The hydrocortisone considerably narrows vessels and has the expressed antiseptic effect. It reduces inflow of blood to the chosen site of skin, removing redness. If in your case irritation very strong, it is possible to apply with small break hydrocortisone cream for the second time on the same day. It has to remove all symptoms. You should not abuse hydrocortisone. This means for short-term influence. If to use it it is regular, the sensitivity of organism to it decreases, and after refusal of this cream the redness, irritation and itch prove much stronger. Besides, frequent use of cortisone causes thinning and stretching of skin. And vessels on regularly processed zones can seriously extend. One more way to reduce irritation of skin is to change safety razors more often. Remember that disposable machines or razors with double edge shave extremely close to the surface of skin that can injure hair follicles. The growing dull there is razor, the more it irritates the skin. So throw out disposable machines after three or four uses maximum and more often change edges on reusable razors. Try the electrorazor. Its use does skin of more smooth and reduces irritation.

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