How to remove lenses

How to remove lenses

Contact lenses can not only correct sight, but also change color of eyes. Therefore also people with good sight can carry them. The price of lenses quite acceptable, however they demand careful leaving. It is necessary to remember that it is desirable to change special container and solution every three months, and ideally every month, differently on lenses there can be large number of harmful bacteria and microflora that leads to disease of eyes. In addition it is necessary to be able to put on and remove lenses correctly.

It is required to you

  • container for lenses, special solution


  1. First, it is necessary to wash up and wipe hands carefully. It is worth making all manipulations with lenses clean hands. Eyes is very fragile mechanism, any particle of dirt or dust can negatively affect their state.
  2. Remove lenses usually by pinch method. For this purpose get up in front of the mirror and bend down a little. Slightly delay lower eyelid. Now look up and displace lens forefinger down. Now clamp lens index and thumb. Carefully remove it from eye.
  3. Place lens in container with special solution. Densely twirl cover. Remember that it is impossible to leave lenses long in the open air. Otherwise they will become unusable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team