How to remove mimic wrinkles around eyes

How to remove mimic wrinkles around eyes

Wrinkles – strong indication of the withering skin and age changes in organism. Mimic wrinkles can develop at young people therefore it is necessary to find ways of their effective elimination.

Why there are mimic wrinkles?

Skin around eyes is much thinner, than on other sites of the face and body therefore care for it has to differ. Also in these zones huge number of muscles which take part in various processes of activity of people is located. For example, the person has got used to blink at bright light, during laughter, when watching TV, etc. Besides, the influencing factor are age changes as gradually skin loses reserve of elastin and collagen which are responsible for beauty and youth of cages.

Of course, it is impossible to get rid completely of mimic wrinkles around eyes. At the correct leaving it is possible to reduce significantly their quantity and to make them visually less noticeable for surrounding people.

Methods of fight against mimic wrinkles

Undoubtedly, important role is played by way of life as any addictions negatively are reflected in condition of skin, hair, nails and other systems of organism. Quality products of food, full-fledged dream, walks in the fresh air, rational distribution of work and rest – pledge of healthy face skin. The food enriched with vitamins and microelements allows skin cells to fight independently against age changes and to suspend process of formation of wrinkles. It is necessary to include fresh vegetables, fruit in diet, to drink more liquid, to limit consumption of sweets, to refuse fat and fried dishes, fast food. It is worth avoiding stressful situations which break not only nervous system, but also internal systems and human organs. Emotional loadings lead to deterioration in condition of face skin, early appearance of mimic wrinkles. Whenever possible refuse smoking as nicotine slows down process of renewal of cells of skin. It is possible to reduce mimic wrinkles around eyes in house conditions: - carefully choose cream and gels for skin care around eyes; - regularly you put special masks according to season and age; - significantly light massage with use of olive oil or oil of grape seeds reduces wrinkles; - improves condition of skin mask from sea-buckthorn oil and vitamin E which can be used also as independent means; - the cucumber slices imposed on eye area effectively remove swelling and fight against wrinkles; - rubbing in of coconut oil smoothes "goose pads" and prevents emergence of new folds around eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team