How to remove natoptysh standing

How to remove natoptysh standing

Problems natoptyshy and callosities concern large number of people. Generally natoptysh are formed because of tight and inconvenient footwear or as a result of flat-footedness. Natoptysha represent skin consolidations which hurt when walking. Having got rid of natoptyshy in house conditions, further choose the correct and soft footwear to avoid emergence of unpleasant and painful keratinizations of skin again.

It is required to you

  • Soda, aloe, parchment paper, bandage, lemon, 2 bulbs, plastic bag, socks, cream, oil, socks, plastic bag, pumice, cream, propolis.


1. Add 0.5 tablespoons of baking soda to 2 l of water. Take legs in this solution of 10-15 minutes. Take leaf of aloe, cut lengthways and apply inside to the condensed sites of skin. Cover with parchment or compresseal paper and redress, to leave for the night. In the morning of natoptysha will be softened, and they can be scratched out or cut off easily.

2. Take legs in hot water of 10-15 minutes. Cut off lemon top, having left at the same time a little pulp. Apply inside to the place of natoptysh, from above apply hard bandage and leave for the night. Since morning the callosity can be cut off.

3. Let's prepare onions mask. Take two bulbs, cut in half and sort on cups. Apply these cups to legs, from above put on plastic bag and socks. Leave standing not less than six hours. The result will be better if to leave such mask for the night, and to try to scratch out callosities in the morning, after that to apply the softening cream.

4. Plentifully moisten socks in vegetable or olive oil, put on legs. From above wrap plastic bag and put on one more pair of socks. Leave oil mask for the night. In the morning of leg rinse with warm water with soap and try to clean off pumice natoptysh, walk dry and grease with the moisturizing cream.

5. Irreplaceable folk remedy of treatment natoptyshy is propolis. Pound propolis and apply to skin, put on socks, leave for the whole day. Remove propolis in the evening, steam legs in hot water, for the night apply the pounded propolis again. Course of treatment – one week. Such easy way you will get rid of callosities and natoptyshy.

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