How to remove pigmental spots by national methods

How to remove pigmental spots by national methods

Pigmental spots, as well as other unattractive formations, force to resort for treatment to national methods. In certain cases the had effect help to get rid of spots as soon as possible, in others – long term will be required, it is possible even consultation of the doctor. Let's consider what it is possible to use effective remedies from pigmental spots.

It is possible to fight against pigmental spots also purchased means which bleach skin, but only according to the recommendations of the doctor.

What pigmental spots happen

  • One of harmless types of pigmental spots are freckles. Appear most often at fair-haired people on shoulders, nose, cheeks during the spring and summer period. Are explained by uneven distribution of suntan.
  • The spots appearing with age so-called lentigo. Replace freckles, extending in favourite the sun places. Can arise by 40 years, have larger sizes.
  • Appear at women on face because of hormonal failure. Usually irregular shape.
  • Is at all people since the birth or appear during life.
  • The pigmental spots of white color called vitiligo. Arise at different age, sometimes are not noticeable, and happens, cover big part of the body.

Means from pigmental spots

It is dangerous to delete the pigmental spots which are sticking out over the surface of skin in house conditions. Flat pigmentation is removed by various folk remedies:

The bleaching mask from cucumber. Crush the peeled cucumber by means of grater. For 25-30 minutes apply on sites of skin with spots. After time wash away water.

Barmy mask. Part 2 tablespoons of dry yeast with juice of lemon or grapefruit. Place mix on pigmentation, 10-15 minutes later wash and grease the site with nutritious cream.

Mask from parsley. Small knife 25 g of greens of fresh parsley and mix from 15-20 ml of curdled milk or kefir. Apply to problem skin for 25-30 minutes. Wash away slightly warm water. Do the procedure within 3-4 weeks.

Mask from almonds. Fill in 125 g of almonds of 250 ml of boiled water. In 5 minutes decant water and pound ingredient in flour. Add several spoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of cool boiled water. Apply to skin with spots. Wash away in 25-35 minutes. Do the procedure 2 times a week.

The clarifying lotion. Lower lemon in boiled water for couple of seconds, then squeeze out of it juice. Mix juice with 1 tablespoon of vinegar, it is possible apple, vodka and peroxide of hydrogen. You store lotion in glass capacity. Wipe with it spots several times a day. You can wet cotton wool and put for couple of minutes.

Cucumber lotion. Well wash fresh cucumber. Rind with it and crush it. Mix 30 g of gruel from 250 ml of vodka. Remove to the dark place to infuse until lotion darkens. Then filter it and wipe skin in morning and evening.

Ice from guelder-rose. Pour juice from berries of guelder-rose in special molds and put in the freezer. In the morning and wipe with one cube the pigmented skin in the evening.

After the house clarifying masks it is impossible to come to the sun therefore they become for the night. Skin with pigmentation is protected special cream from ultraviolet. Look after the body, you watch appearance, using harmless and effective methods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team