How to remove pigmental spots house means

How to remove pigmental spots house means

Freckles, solar and age pigmental spots not only spoil appearance, but also can cause certain psychological problems. There is huge number of the checked national methods for fight against pigmental spots, and necessary ingredients will be in the fridge of each hostess.

  • - Parsley juice;
  • - milk or natural honey;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - starch;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid ammonia;
  • - guelder-rose;
  • - curdled milk or kefir;
  • - grapefruit, cucumber, blackcurrant, lemon, garnet or birch sap.

1. Juice from fresh parsley is the best means for disposal of pigmental spots. It can be applied in pure form on problem sites or previously to mix in equal proportions with milk, lemon juice or natural honey. To get rid of freckles or pigmental spots on face, it is necessary to apply such mask to the skin cleaned from make-up even layer and to leave for half an hour, then to wash away cool water. Blot skin with soft napkin and grease with nutritious cream.

2. The mask from lemon juice and starch will help to clarify pigmental spots. Part tablespoon of potato starch with svezheotzhaty lemon juice that dense gruel has turned out (the amount of ingredients can be reduced or increased, depending on quantity of pigmental spots on body or face). Further apply the received weight on the pigmented sites of skin and leave for twenty minutes, wash away warmish water. Two-three times a week are recommended to use this recipe.

3. There is one more ancient folk remedy for fight against pigmental spots on skin. Tablespoon of natural rural cottage cheese mix 3% with two teaspoons of peroxide of hydrogen, add the same amount of liquid ammonia. Carefully pound everything in glass bowl, put curds to pigmental spots small pieces, pressing properly into skin. In twenty minutes remove mask. This procedure is recommended to be done daily, and to hold cottage cheese not less than twenty minutes.

4. To try to get rid of pigmental spots it is possible, using the frozen kalinovy juice. For this purpose fresh berries of guelder-rose will be necessary for you, wash up them in colander under flowing water, dry and crush, squeeze out juice. Pour it on molds and freeze. Wipe with the received pieces of kalinovy ice twice a day the pigmented skin, actively massing it. Shortly spots will become much lighter.

5. Excellent folk remedies of fight against pigmental spots are grapefruit, cucumber, blackcurrant, lemon, garnet and birch sap and also juice from leaves of dandelion and fresh greens of parsley. Some of above-mentioned the wrung-out juice should grease the pigmented sites of skin several times a day. It is also possible to clarify spots by means of fermented milk products (curdled milk, kefir). They recommend to grease skin two-three times a day (as in case with juice).

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