How to remove pimples

How to remove pimples

The acne disease of skin can spoil life both to teenagers, and people of solid age. Effective methods of treatment for disease are, but you should not wait for instant result. Treatment of acne disease consists of several stages which are carried out in clinic or in beauty shop.

1. Quite often acne disease accompanies also people of advanced age, and not just teenagers. The acne can be consequence of diseases in organism - problems with intestines, hormonal failure, violation in work of endocrine system. Therefore, treatment of acne rash is not only the cosmetologist's prerogative. It is necessary to make necessary tests to exclude serious diseases.

2. The complex of medical therapy can consist of several stages.

3. Course of the general therapy. Both external, and peroral includes drug treatment. It is necessary to treat the disease or factors causing it. Treatment is appointed by the cosmetologist on result of analyses.

4. Mesotherapy course. Not absolutely pleasant procedure, but giving very good effect. The vitamin cocktail directed to maintenance of protective properties of skin is selected.

5. Course of chemical peelings. 2 times a year in the period of the minimum solar activity - November, February are ideally carried out. The peeling allows to vyravnit skin relief, improves complexion, reduces pigmentation and cicatricial changes.

6. Course of physiotherapeutic treatment. The procedure of microcurrent and ultrasonic therapy allows to regulate work of sebaceous glands. Application when holding procedure of special remedies renders deep anti-inflammatory effect and serves as prevention of new rashes.

7. Course of treatment of cicatricial changes of skin. After the long course of acne disease on skin there are hems and pigmentation. Technologies of laser treatment on the device Palomar allow to reduce the size of hems for several procedures and to remove pigmentation.

8. But after successful treatment of acne disease it is not necessary to rush to all heavy at once. If some food (the most widespread - alcohol, chips, some fruit, sea delicacies, etc.) caused exacerbation of disease, then it is worth refusing them absolutely. The acne disease can overtake at any age in the presence of provocative factors.

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