How to remove pimples on buttocks

How to remove pimples on buttocks

The red inflamed heat-spots which can be quite painful, appearing on buttocks, can cause many troubles – you cannot wear open bathing suits, hesitate to put on short skirts and shorts thongs.

It is required to you

  • - sea salt
  • - table salt
  • - coffee thick
  • - blue clay
  • - iodine
  • - zinc oxide ointment


1. Replace underwear. Lacy synthetic shorts are the most common cause of appearance of heat-spots. Skin has to breathe, otherwise on it bacteria and microbes quickly breed, there are scrapes and inflammations. Cotton underwear answers all rules of hygiene and if you want to look attractively before darling, then put on lacy shorts only before it, and for the night surely change them for natural things.

2. Carefully choose clothes. Your warm winter tights should not be woolen – replace them with cotton. Put on in the winter so that indoors to you was not hot – let your outerwear protects you from frost, and trousers or skirt will be sewed from natural fabric.

3. Do salt baths. With water warm (not more hotly) add a little sea salt to basin, stir it and sit in it several minutes. Salt disinfects skin and softens its upper layer, cleaning pores.

4. After you steam out skin, it is necessary to process buttocks soft srub. Prepare mix of shower gel and table salt (the structure can be changed with coffee thick, special body scrub), and accurately rub in skin of buttocks, consistently processing all surface. The srub will remove firm parts, will open time and will purify skin.

5. Then apply to skin the cleaning mask from clay – blue powder possesses fine antiseptic action, calms skin and disinfects it, dries heat-spots.

6. Complete processing of skin of buttocks – wipe skin with antibacterial lotion with salicyl alcohol. Use this structure twice a day, and few times in week you conduct full course of the cleaning procedures. It is possible to use the drying ointments with zinc – no more than two times a week.

7. In the flying sunbathe more often – the sun dries skin, doing pimples imperceptible. Visit sunbed in the winter – in the conditions of the shortage of vitamin D the heat-spots can develop on skin regularly.

8. Process the ripened heat-spots iodine – you apply it pointwise, by means of Q-tip. Grease the inflamed heat-spots in the mornings and before going to bed until the redness does not disappear and the time does not drag on. Instead of iodine it is possible to use gel for treatment of acne rash (baziron) and salicylic ointment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team