How to remove pimples on hands

How to remove pimples on hands

If you on hands had had pimples, for a start it is worth visiting medical institution as the reasons which have caused their emergence can be a little - both dermatological, and internal character. It is only effectively possible to be treated when you are examined and establish exact cause of illness.


  1. Sometimes pimples have the hereditary nature. For example, when process of keratinization of cages is broken (diskeratoz, etc.), sites of skin become covered by small small knots of red or pink color. Completely they will not manage to be destroyed, but to soften, and then to remove these horn scales, you have to oil regularly skin vegetable or fat, and in half an hour to wash warm water with soap and brush. It is quite good to pound skin sand, bran or some srub. From cosmetics on skin care you will be helped by the antibacterial and peeling creams and gels.
  2. Not bad the shower with tar soap helps. Among folk remedies the most widespread are also skin greasing solution of tea tree, rinsing by pink solution of potassium permanganate, dehumidification by children's powder.
  3. The shortage of vitamins of group B and A, C, E can be the cause of appearance of pimples. In this case use or ready complex of vitamins or enter into the diet products with their high content. Grease affected areas of skin for the night with cream which contains vitamins A and E.
  4. Pimples can be consequence of infection, damage of skin pathogenic bacteria and parasitic fungi. What means should be applied in this case, you will be advised by the dermatologist - it can be ointments with contents or antibiotics or antifungal substances. Besides use of these medical ointments try to be more often in the fresh air and do not forget about good cosmetic leaving. Surely use srubs and the moistening nutritious means which nourish skin with fatty acids and help to restore its healthy look.
  5. Inflammation of skin and developing of pimples are promoted by wearing synthetic clothes which do not pass air and do not absorb sweat - it is the ideal environment for development of bacteria. Besides, synthetics can cause and allergic reactions on skin. Get rid of such clothes and it is possible, also pimples will descend.
  6. Rash on hands in the form of small reddish heat-spots can be formed under the influence of solar activity. To calm skin and to accelerate her recovery, try to grease pimples with children's cream with train or to take a steam bath in the bathroom with this grass.
  7. On shoulders and hands the pimples can develop owing to food allergy. If it becomes clear that it so, replace diet, take any drug against allergy and calm skin children's cream.

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