How to remove pimples quickly

How to remove pimples quickly

The situation when on the eve of very important event, as ill luck would have it on the foreground the pimple "jumps out", is familiar to much. In this case women were lucky more – they can try to disguise it, but nevertheless its removal will be the best exit.

It is required to you

  • - the big mirror, is desirable with increase function
  • - tissues
  • - alcohol or any other medical spirit, but not cosmetic medicine (calendula tincture, boric acid)
  • - zinc oxide ointment
  • - rosemary broth


1. Before beginning the procedure of face peel, it needs to be prepared properly. Make steam bath with addition of herbs – turns, camomiles or calendulas. Steam will soften skin, will expand time and pimplesquicklyit will be much simpler to remove , than on face or body which was not subject to processing by high temperature.

2. After steam bath drain face tissue and try to define at what stage of maturing there is pimple. If it has got dark burgundy shade, has the cone-shaped form and stands out on face clearly – is necessary to squeeze out it. And to squeeze out together with root because differently, on its place other pimple will develop tomorrow.

3. Strongly you do not press not to leave marks on skin, the ripened heat-spot is squeezed out easily. That its root left completely, emergence of droplet of blood on its place, and clean, scarlet color will demonstrate.

4. Process spirit solution the place where there was pimple to avoid infection of wound.

5. If the pimple has not ripened – make spirit compress which excellently "extends" pus for the night. For this purpose wet alcohol (medical, 96%) cotton pad, apply on pimple and record adhesive plaster. By the morning the inflammation will decrease, and the redness and swelling will pass into nothingness.

6. Help to remove pimples also ointments on the basis of zinc – squeeze out couple of drops of ointment on finger, plentifully grease pimple and the inflamed area around it. Repeat the procedure of 6-8 times a day.

7. Wipings of the inflamed place rosemary broth – 1 tablespoon of dry grass with flowers which is filled in with half of glass of boiled water help to get rid of pimples within a short period of time.

8. It is natural that all these recipes – the house "emergency" measures capable to help in case pimples develop on body or the person it is single, in rare instances. If it is about constant rashes on skin, then visit to the dermatologist – the most correct way of solving the problem, such pimples can testify to diseases of liver and endocrine system, violations. In this case to you special treatment which not only will help to remove pimples quickly will be appointed, but also will settle imbalance in organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team