How to remove quickly bruise

How to remove quickly bruise

Bruise (hematoma) – the unattractive phenomenon. And, of course, the first reaction of the person – to take emergency measures after bruise: to put cold, to pound, etc. But if time is missed, and bruise has come to light, then ahead at it (and at you, it is natural) – rather long blossoming by all paints of rainbow. Sick-lists with the diagnosis "Bruise" are not given therefore it is necessary to get rid of it by own efforts as soon as possible. The benefit, there are several effective and fast ways.


1. Buy nonsense ("fresh-water sponge" is sometimes written) in drugstore and use it according to the instruction in insert. Traditionally this medicine from freshwater sponge is dissolved with sunflower oil (better not refined), stirred, put as cream, directly on bruise and hold some time. Sunflower oil can be replaced with any other vegetable oil or alcohol, and even just water. If bruise is in the place where it is possible to apply bandage, it is necessary to make it (thus more dense contact of medicine with hematoma is reached). On face it is necessary to use nonsense very carefully that it has not got on mucous eye or mouth. Zabodyazhivaniye – quite so is called this procedure of disposal of bruises, it wins first place in fast removal of hematomas.

2. Make warm compress. Moisten napkin with warm water and apply to bruise. In process of cooling of napkin moisten it in warm water and again put to bruise. Warmly considerably activates blood circulation, and the hematoma will quickly resolve. Water can be replaced with warm tea, such compress not only rassasyvat bruise, but also has the light anesthetizing property. For the purpose of warming up apply also pepper plaster, however, if bruise is located in eye area, it is not recommended to use it.

3. Buy the special medicines possessing resorptional action in drugstore. These are various creams, ointments, gels. Such as Troksevazin, OFF Bruise, the Arnica, Ambulance from bruises, Lioton, Heparin ointment, etc. Also creams as a part of which there is Rutin (vitamin P), chestnut extract, saliva of bloodsucker (hirudine) are shown.

4. Apply iodic reticulum on hematoma. Add it when it becomes hardly visible.

5. Apply cabbage leaf, flowers of calendula (marigold), leaf of plantain or burdock to bruise if you have got bruise during garden and garden works at the dacha. Also inflorescences of mullein and leaves of coltsfoot will approach. Well before use slightly to rumple leaves and flowers that juice has acted. Excellent results will be yielded by crude potatoes. Rub potato on small grater and apply gruel to bruise. If there is no grater, it is possible to cut potato with circles and serially, in 2-3 minutes, to put to the struck place.

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