How to remove red shade on hair

How to remove red shade on hair

Women like to experiment with hair color. The situation when their red shade which has been acquired together with painting in few weeks begins to cause strong irritation is familiar to much. And you already think of that, kind of will get rid of this importunate shade as soon as possible. To remove red outflow from hair quite perhaps if to know some methods and secrets of hairdresser's business.

It is required to you

  • Means for dekapirovaniye, removers, professional paints of shade necessary to you, supra, professional hair-dye with violet outflow, the green proofreader, mask for hair, balm for hair care.


  1. If you have light shade of hair and it, despite such manipulations as clarification or highlighting, all the same casts red, then just it is the best of all to recolour hair. As it is correct to make also what shade of dye to pick up, you will be advised by your hairdresser.
  2. In case you were painted in dark color with oxidic dye, the red shade can be removed remover or to make the procedure of dekapirovaniye. Then it is necessary to dye hair in right color.
  3. If you dyed hair coloring shampoo or balm, then it is the is best of all the supra will be suitable for removal of red color. But with supry it is necessary to be very careful. It is chemistry and it strongly harms hair. After supra it is better not to be recoloured at once, and to wait several days. Then it is possible to be recoloured at color necessary to you.
  4. It is also possible to try to block reddish shade on dark hair in violet color. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up professional paint of dark color with violet outflow.
  5. One more option is to remove red outflow green shade. It is the best of all to carry out this procedure together with the master in hairdressing salon.

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