How to remove red spots

How to remove red spots

There are very many ways leveling complexions. If you are disturbed by constant irritations or spots from pimples, then you should study some recipes of means from red spots which are rather easy to preparing in house conditions.


1. Perfectly parsley broth helps to get rid of irritation and red spots. How to prepare it? Boil couple of glasses of clear water, throw bunch of parsley of average size there and leave to cook for 7-10 minutes. Broth should be filtered, poured carefully in transparent capacity and to allow to infuse within 1.5-2 hours. It is worth washing skin, sensitive and inclined to reddenings, such structure 2-3 times a day, and the owner of oily skin, persons interested to hide red spots from eels, can prepare the useful and bleaching ice cubes. For this purpose just it is worth pouring broth in molds and to allow to be frozen. It not only will make skin shining and uniform and light, but also will perfectly narrow pores and will adjust activity of sebaceous glands.

2. Clay is really miracle cure. White clay (it is also called kaolin) is fine bleaching and sedative, and it is suitable both for problem, and for very sensitive skin. From white clay inflammations perfectly unmask, irritations also well regenerate skin. It is very simple to prepare them: part couple of spoons of clay in warm water, well stir before dissolution of lumps and put on face. The mask from white clay well moisturizes the skin and strengthens its protection. To the touch such clay slightly fat, but it has the strange absorbing properties.

3. Decoction and compresses from camomile is remarkable means and the real panacea both for problem, and for sensitive skin. Its warm infusion it is possible to wash approximately each two hours - the redness and spots will gradually fall down, skin will have healthy shade and softness. It is also possible to do lotions of broth of flowers of camomile which it is worth leaving approximately for 15 minutes. Take clean napkin, wrap in it the made camomile flowers, slightly cool and apply to the disturbing place.

4. Usual juice of cucumber or its pulp has the hypoallergenic, bleaching and calming properties. Impose fresh cucumber on the reddened places, and in 10-15 minutes you will find out that the irritation and red traces have begun to pass. The cucumber besides nourishes skin with moisture, it becomes much cleaner and smooth.

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