How to remove redness from nose

How to remove redness from nose

With approach of frosts it is possible to find in himself problem with the reddened nose. Such nose hardly somebody does attractive. It can affect the relations with representatives of opposite sex, depriving of the person of any hopes for successful development of the relations. And indoors the nose "thaws" far not at once. To get rid of notorious redness on nose you will be helped by several checked advice.


1. Do not risk the health, putting on in frost not on weather or without warm cap. The nose can redden both from the general overcooling, and from the fact that at you without headdress the head will freeze.

2. If you put on rather warmly and do not neglect wearing cap, but it does not save you, try to drink glass of hot coffee, cocoa or tea before exit to the street. Some time you will not freeze.

3. Being going to spend long time on frost, be not too lazy to spread problem sites of face skin with any fat cream. It is necessary to do it at most in 15 or 20 minutes prior to emergence on the street. The price and structure of means do not play large role. The main thing that he was rather fat. Also domestic children's cream will approach.

4. Do not lose courage if from reddening of disks (not to wash away). Such mask can be done for the night. And it is necessary to repeat the procedure not less than 10 nights in a row. - The quite good result is yielded by the mask prepared from the grated apple, several drops of juice of lemon and infusion of lime color mixed also in equal quantities. The mask is applied on problem places, maintained on skin of 10 minutes and washed away by slightly warm water. This mask can be done 2-3 times a week. - For the lack of the listed above components you can prepare several lotions from infusion of camomile and put them to places subject to reddening on skin for 20-30 minutes in the form of compresses in the evening.

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